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Saturday Morning Breakfast Fly-ins

Things change so it's best to call to insure these events are actually going to happen!
With the Covid pandemic a lot of the breakfasts are on hold, but not all, call to verify

First Saturday
Winchester, TN (BGF)

Second Saturday
Gallatin, TN (M33)

Third Saturday
Moontown, AL (3M5) - Owensboro, KY (OWB) - Mayfield, KY (M25)

Fourth Saturday
Shelbyville, TN (SYI)

Fifth Saturday
Lebanon, TN (M54) during the warmer months

 Any Weekend Breakfast
Houston County - McKinnon, TN (M93)
Southernaire Restaurant
at the west end of the runway follow road up the hill

Rough River State Park (2I3)
Park at the north end and walk to the lodge or walk across the street to eat at the gas station restaurant at the south end.

Airway's Cafe - right on the airfield at KDXE - Dexter, MO

 Good places to fly into and eat Lunch and Dinner

Sikeston, MO - Lambert's Cafe - Fly in to Sikeston's airport and the FBO will call Lambert's to send the courtesy pickup van.

Kentucky Dam Airport - Call Patti's Settlement and tell them your at the airport and need a ride to the restaurant. Might be a good idea to call before you leave to make sure they will be able to.

Airway's Cafe - right on the airfield at KDXE - Dexter, MO

McKinnon, TN (M93) Houston County - Land at the airport walk down the access road and up the hill to the Southernaire Restaurant

Dyersburg, TN (KDYR) Dyersburg Regional Airport - Restaurant right on the field, breakfast buffet 7 days a week, Lunch buffet on Sunday. You can call the airport to insure they will be open at 731-287-8181


  McKinnon, TN (M93) Houston County - Southernaire Restaurant

Airway's Cafe - right on the airfield at KDXE - Dexter, MO